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FX против Core i7 | Результаты тестов. 3DMark, Aliens Vs. Predator и Metro 2033. Разницы между Core i7-3770K и FX-8350 в графическом подтесте 3DMark 11 почти нет, однако она появляется в результатах общего количества баллов и компонента Physics. AMD FX 8350 vs Intel Core i7 4770k En terreno de prueba !!AMD FX-8350 4.8GHz Overclock Review DDR3: 2133MHz vs 1866MHz vs 1600MHz vs 1333MHz AMD Vs Intel Choosing The Right CPU Do You Need an Expensive CPU for Gaming? But workstation tasks , I did the cinebench run , btw the 4770k gets hotter than my OC fx 8350 , just sayin , my fx scored 7.3 with a 4.3Ghz clock. my stock 4770k gets 7.49 , 7.47 and 7.49 , I made 3 runs to be sure , I guess it was worth the upgrade , but the next time I. Хотя тут FX-9590 обгоняет предшествующую старшую модель Vishera, FX-8350, почти на 10 , от Core i7-4770K он всё равно ощутимо отстаёт. Причём ситуацию эту невозможно исправить и разгоном. Can someone tell me the downsides of the Vishera FX 8350?Get a real good cooler if you plan on overclocking the 8350,,,, and it WILL overclock. It takes some volts to oc it, runs hot during stress testing only.www.cpu-world.com/Compare/451/AMDFX-SeriesFX-8350vsIntelCorei7i 7-4770K.html.

У меня стоит старый fx-8320 слегка разогнанный, так проблем с ним никаких, вывозит все чтодопустим проц будет 8350 ,какую мать нужно?памяти 16 нужно ,но пока и 8 сойдет,плашка petre podila: my fx 8350 win against this intel processor in gta 5 benchmark i think fx perform much better in game.But workstation tasks , I did the cinebench run , btw the 4770k gets hotter than my OC fx 8350 , just sayin , my fx scored 7.3 with a 4.3Ghz clock. my stock 4770k gets 7.49 , 7.47 and Нуб против Эндер Дракона! >> Full benchmarks at: Tweaktown: http://www.tweaktown.com/tweakipedia/58/core- i7-4770k-vs-amdBuy PC Games with up to 70 discount: https://www.instant-gaming.com/igr/skueztech/ A video comparing FX-8350 with i7 4790K. Сейчас FX-8350 примерно на уровне от i5-3330 до i7-3770, а стоит как i5-3470.

FX-8320 еще лучше по соотношению цена/качество.FX-8350 против i5-3570К потребляет в 2 раза больше энергии и в 1.5 раза выше тепловыделение. 2)Тепловыделение. Комментарий: Собрал комп чисто для опытов, с разгоном и прочее, на основе CPU: AMD FX-8350 и системной плате- ASUS SABERTOOTH 990FX R2.0. Смотреть видео FX 8350 vs i7 4770K!! онлайн, скачать на мобильный. We compare the AMD FX-8350 with the Intel Core i7-4770K with a wide selection of benchmark tools and data to help you choose the right processor, for your computing needs.DDR3. Codename. Vishera. vs. Haswell. Release Date. Oct 2012. vs. Counter-Strike Global Offensive > i7 4770k build vs fx 8350 build VOTE!Pro BTC (ik i cant oc with that, even this one will be upgraded lately). SSD: kingston 120gb (yeah i dont need so many gb i dont download that much). OC extreme : AMD FX-8150 8.17 Ghz ( Wizerty et Christian Ney). AMD fx 8350 vs intel i5 3570k 1080p rendering comparison. Game Tech Reviews. Временно пропустить новости. Computer Hardware. CPUs, Motherboards, and Memory. Fx 8350 vs i7 4770k Build.3d programs like maya are highly optimized to take advantage of the fx 8 core architecture and the 8350 will outperforrm the 4770k in things like 3d rendering. AMD FX-8350: Manufacturer: Advanced Micro Devices Model: FD8350FRHKBOX Full Specifications: httpAMD Vs Intel Choosing The Right CPU.

Intel i7-4790K vs AMD FX-9590 vs FX- 8350. Gigabyte X58A-OC Intel Core i7-990X 6.18GHz - LN2 Overclocking.vs AMD FX-8350 Intel i7 4790K vs AMD FX 9590 vs FX 8350 Review Unboxing Comparison Benchmarks Benchmark Tests Power Consumption Temperatures Temps OCCoffee Lake i5 Beats i7 7700k In Games!! By Gamer Meld. 2017-10-07. Video. Intel i7-5960X vs i7-4790K vs i7-4770K. Теги: intel, i-k, amd, fx-, ghz, intel i-k. solved i7 4770k build vs fx 8350 build. workstation pc. ocing. fitting parts on the budget.In both cases your 960 would be the limiting factor. With an i7 or the 8350 OCd like that, they should both allow the 960 to perform to its maximum. К тому же, на данный момент, соотношение цены к производительности этих обеих процессоров "с коробки" (4770 новый vs. 2600k бу) примерно равное.AMD FX-9590 Vishera или Intel Core i7-4770K Haswell Интересует скорость работы (производительность) Очень нужен ваш совет. Intel i7-4790K vs AMD FX-9590 vs FX-8350. Which ones going to win?Overclocking Intel Core i7-990X Extreme Edition using the Gigabyte GA-X58A- OC Overclocking Motherboard. We managed to overclock our. Through my research, basically the i7 4770k is a stronger CPU compared to the FX 8350.The 8350 is cheaper and definitely good enough, but I suppose the i7 may last a bit longer as an "future proofing" option. But its 180 vs 310. Как думаете, стоит ли менять платформу на сокет AM3 и процессор FX-8350? Мой процессор I7-860 не очень хорошо проявил себя в работе с рендерингом в 3D графике.Вот неплохой обзорчик i7-3770K vs 8350. Сам довольно долго "сидел" на AMD до недавних пор! Login with Facebook. FX 8350 vs i7 4770K!!4 Reasons AMD is Better than Intel. AMD has a ton of perks over Intel, and today I go over four very important AMD FX-8350 (Vishera/ Piledriver) Benchmarking Performance. FX-8320/FX-8350 vs i5-4670k/4690k - The ULTIMATUM - Gaming and Streaming Benchmarks. Tech YES City. 4 Reasons AMD is Better than Intel.PCPartPicker. Why I chose Ivy Bridge 3770k vs 4770k. JayzTwoCents. An i7 4770K will increase your min fps in those situations, but if you OC your FX 8150 and Rome II gets patched well enough, they improvement might not beI recently did some tests with my 8350 with cores parked then all cores unparked. With these specs AMD FX 8350 vs Intel i7 4770K Diferencia Real al Ojo Humano? |Сборка компьютера на базе AMD FX-8350 - Продолжительность: 44:34 SPN 433 722 просмотра. I have a fx 9590 basically a hand picked 8350 that has some minor tweaks and is super factory OCd.Well if you want me to relate my statement to this comparison chart which is i7-4770k vs FX-8350, well, I will save budget and go i7-4770k. (Fx 8350 vs i7 3770k) перевод JayzTwoCents. Techno-Kitchen: А если бы AMD муму не ебали и выпустили достойные процы, Интел бы мозги не ебала с термопрокладками. и даже бы разлочила нам 4440. Топ 52 аргументы в AMD FX-8350 vs Intel Core i7-4770K: 1. Общая тактовая частота: 32 vs 14 2. Скорость оперативной памяти: 1866 vs 1600 3. Кэш L2: 8 vs 1.С интегрированной графикой вам не нужно покупать отдельную карту. AMD FX- 8350. I7 4770k fx 8350 ign boards, through research basically i7 4770k stronger cpu pared fx 8350 gaming extra power doesn.Intel Core i7 4770K vs AMD FX 8350 - CPUBoss CPUBoss is not aware of any important advantages of the AMD FX 8350 vs the Intel Core i7 4770K. - AMD FX-8140, FX-4150. - AMD "Trinity" APU Preliminary support. AMD FX- 8350 8 Core Processor vs Intel i7 processor.FX 9590 or Haswell Upgrade - CPUs, Motherboards, and. i7 4790K / 1080 ti strix oc. (I know its not the best but it give you a rough idea). We take our Core i7-4770K processor and pit it against our budget AMD FX- 8350 CPU, as well as the 4930K with GTX 980 and GTX 780s in SLI at 4K.The Intel Core i7-4770K is on Amazon for 334.99, while the motherboard we used, the ASRock Z87M OC Formula is currently 158.75. R9 290x FX 8350 vs i7 4770k GTX. High Speed RAM - Is it Worth it.AMD FX-9590 8 Core 5Ghz Turbo. Gigabyte X58A-OC Intel Core i7-990X. 4 Reasons AMD is Better than Intel. AMD Vs Intel Choosing The Right CPU. Обзор AMD FX-8350 VS Intel Core i7-3770K. 2013-02-12, Автор - Troyan Продукт - AMD FX-8350 VS Intel Core i7-3770K [10634]. Технологии развиваются очень быстрыми темпами, как и производительные возможности все новых процессоров. FX-8350 vs i7-4770K power consumption comparison. Thermal Design Power.Similar processors use the same socket and architecture as AMD FX-8350 and Intel i7-4770K, however their performance and other characteristics are a bit different. У AMD я решил взять процессор FX-8350, сделанный на новой архитектуре. От себя хочу сказать, что процессор мне понравился. Противостоять ему будет процессор Intel Core i7-3770K. Based on 140,342 user benchmarks for the AMD FX-8350 and the Intel Core i 7-4770K, we rank them both on effective speed and value for money against the best 985 CPUs.Peak Overclocked Bench. 41. SC Mixed OC Single Core Mixed Speed. AMD FX8350 (3.5 Ghz) Gigabyte UD3 239.98 This is pretty much the AMD equivalent of the i7-4770k. The advantage of this is that I can save 140 in comparison toanandsap123 said: Check the editbut I mean 4.7 Ghz vs. 4.0 Ghz? And NEVER having to worry about overclocking myself? OC Temps. Games.intel core i7 4770k amd fx 8350 intel corei7 4770k vs amd fx 8350 intel amd comparativa de procesadores intel vs amd computadoras potentes computadoras para juegos nvidia geforce gtx 650 ti boost gigabyte Nvidia Computer Hardware (Industry) Laptop Advanced Micro But workstation tasks , I did the cinebench run , btw the 4770k gets hotter than my OC fx 8350 , just sayin , my fx scored 7.3 with a 4.3Ghz clock. my stock 4770k gets 7.49 , 7.47 and 7.49 , I made 3 runs to be sure , I guess it was worth the upgrade , but the next time I. FX 8350 vs i7 4770K!! - This was challenging to put together but a real treat at the same time!An i7 4770K will increase your min fps in those situations, but if you OC your FX 8150 and Rome II gets Количественные параметры Core i7-7700K и FX-8350: число ядер и потоков, тактовые частоты, техпроцесс, объем кэша и состояние блокировки множителя. Непрямым образом говорят о производительности Core i7-7700K и FX-8350 FX 8350 vs i7 4770K!! - nasatube.com. Download Video. loading[email protected] vs [email protected] (GTX 980) 3 years ago. by Techno-Kitchen 3 years ago. i can get an I7 4770k processor for 170 or should i buy an amd FX 8350 for the same price? Can i run an i7 4770k and a gigabyte 660 ti oc 2 Gb on a 500 watt PSU? so i dont have to buy a new PSU? i am on a tight budget at this moment so i dont want to spend another 60 on a new PSU. SLI 980 Выводы! 1. Более высокая частота не спасает FX-процессор. 400 МГц разницы Лучшие разгоняются до 5-5,2. Лучшие Intel до 4,8 Те же 400 МГц разницы. Вот почему тестируют видеокарты с Intel процессорами. 2. Эта сцена любит многопоточность. FX 8350 vs i7 4770K!! Просмотров: 357,971 | Загружено: 4 год.En ter Добавлено: 3 год. Добавил: compumentando Louis Ferdinand. Intel VS AMD Gaming [Battlefield 3] [HD]. I7 4770k VS FX 8350 Gaming Benchmark Test - Computer per passione - Ep16.AMD FX-9590 5GHz 8-Core CPU Pricing Benchmarks! Стоит ли с FX-8350 собирать игровой компьютер? AMD FX 8350 vs Intel Core i7 4770k . Which CPU is better for OpenFOAM: Intel i7-4770K or AMD FX-8350?3.7 to 3.9 GHz - lets assume that with HT turned off, it can do 3.9 GHz, even if a little OC has to be done.

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