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Why gaming on PC is fun than gaming on Consoles? Well, today in this article wed be pointing out the best reasons for this topic.Console players have to stick with the parts when they were released. PC gamers rank as better than Console players in the bedroom, with 11 of us wanting less action and more game time, apparently. Console is Inferior in Every Way. At a consoles release, it will usually either match or be slightly better or worse than the graphics of a PC of the same era.Also some games you can play with console players with pc. They just updated console controller settings. To me its a lot better. I normally play on PC but play console from time to time.So yeah, we console players who kept the game alive deserve better than the bullshit that we have now. I have played this for pc and for console (and am currently playing mw2) but I wonder why people are supposedly " better" than other people if they play pc.0ut0fAmmo 7 years ago5. Console players tend to be younger. While some PCs are much more expensive than the current gen consoles they provide upside for their price. Some cheaper gaming rigs less than the current Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro can mimic or even outperform these consoles. PC gaming allows for a better player experience. But I got there, and raced through the first couple of missions to open up Online play, and a bunch of single player characters to direct in the Rockstar Editor.Secondly, there was a quantifiable leap in quality between the two console generations. The PC version looks stunning and better than the Every Gamer under the sun knows that Console Gaming is waaaaaay better than PC Gaming whether they like to admit it or not.PC players with a worse setup than another player will struggle to perform as well due to an increase in bugs, glitches etc. A study has absolutely without-a-doubt proven that PC gamers are better in bed than their dirty console rivals, showing that they are players in more than one way. It turns out that PC players are better in bed than PlayStation and Xbox players.It is still interesting though to see the difference between PC and consoles. What are your thoughts on these results? On a PC that would have been easy to fix, but because they designed the PS3 in a convoluted way that requires you to literally dismantle the entire system just to remove the disc player it was a huge issue.This Site Might Help You.

RE: Is pc gaming better than console gaming? Для вашего поискового запроса PC Players Better At Sex Than Console Gamers MP3 мы нашли 1000000 песни, соответствующие вашему запросу, но показывающие только 10 лучших результатов. Because of that, graphics at your computer are almost always better than the graphics consoles have to offer.StarCraft, Half-Life and Warcraft is only available for PC players (except like the XBox version of Counter Strike or HalfLife, which majorly SUCK). Heres a handful of reasons why PC gaming is a better value than consoles .Some of the best the 90s had to offer, still accessible to todays players. Sure, it can be finicky.

Rahul Sood, who started Voodoo PC and is now an exec at HP, is never one to shy away from bold statements. In his latest missive, he claims that Microsoft has killed a project that would have pitted PC gamers against Xbox fraggers in online play. So I figure if there is one thing that I could confidently say "Consoles definitely do this better than PC", its playing a game together in the same room with your friends/family. The joys of 5 player couch-play Bomberman. One of the hailed benefits of PC gaming is the ability for experienced players to access game files and alter various settings, enhancing and changing the game in a number of ways commonly referred to as modding.why console gaming is better than pc. Consoles have come a long way, and video games on the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 look better than ever before.Online gaming is also better with PCs because of their flexible connectivity options, as well as the ease of player-to-player communication. Heres a handful of reasons why PC gaming is a better value than consoles .Some of the best the 90s had to offer, still accessible to todays players. Sure, it can be finicky. First Person Shooters (and most twitch games, for that matter) control a lot better on a PC than on a console. FPSs have become something of a craze since the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and with good reason. That game thrust players into a never before seen cinematic But there are some game franchises which, irrespective of the consoles accessibility and the PCs grunt power, are just better on PC.game felt like more of an action-oriented Mass Effect sequel than the first game, and the third game felt more like it wanted to be a single- player MMO like Kingdoms of You can play games with better graphics than consoles — if you have a powerful gaming PC. Xbox One graphics (left) versus PC graphics (right) on "The Witcher 3." Digital Foundry. Player attack. Get your gaming fix.As a hardcore gamer in the past, and a personal experience with this issue, I decided to explain why PC gaming is better compared to console gaming, and there are several reasons backing up my decision. Deals are ever-present and most of the time offer better value for money than any offer on thesuch as PlayStation Plus and Gold Membership for the 360 to play online with other players, which is almost shabby. Even pre-owned games for the consoles tend to be far pricier than the PC equivalent. While this is true this satement lead me to believe that if console players did not have aim assits on more games than they would be better players if they were to swap platforms. Example: If a hardcore PC player would play halo 2 for the first time and a Console player wtih Counter Strike Its no secret that the battlefields of Overwatch are vastly different on PC and console. On console, players aided by their analog sticks often move more unpredictably, but also suffer from a lack of precision that makes many conflicts drawn out and full of inaccuracy. Heres a handful of reasons why PC gaming is a better value than consoles .Some of the best the 90s had to offer, still accessible to todays players. Sure, it can be finicky.

Top 10 BEST Medium Spec Pc Games 2017 - Продолжительность: 15:11 Vatana Tech 113 172 просмотра.Strong PC Players Vs A Console Player - My Mouse and Mouse Pad - Продолжительность: 7:40 Jiveturkey600 12 135 просмотров. If you really want to play a game that is exclusive to console (Double check first as most console games are on PC, too) then get a console!This is another excellent reason why PC is better than console gaming. With thousands upon thousands of titles now available to players — including many that takeMore affordable, more flexible, and more powerful than your average console system, PCs (andWith PC games, you virtually always get more bang for the buck. Here are 15 of the best PC game download Are PC or console games better? It would depend on what you like. If you like games that run smoother than others (more fps "frames per second") you would go with computer games. All these reasons are complete BS, PC gaming is not better than console gameing, it hasnt been sence most of the major PC industry vets gave up on the platform and moved onto consoles. Sure, its true that gaming consoles are easier for casual gaming on the couch, but there are 12 good reasons why gaming on a PC can be better.2.The Steam game platform Steam is a platform where, among other things, you can browse, buy, and launch your games, and its better than the stores on Multi-Player Support. Both gaming pc and consoles provide multiplayer gaming support, but theres a thin line between what they offer .on awith higher color gamut, pixel density, transition details, frame rate and much more than what any kind of new or old console has to give in terms of good graphics. And there are even more players on the servers on Battlefield 4 PC. Console versions either suffered from severe frame drops or the nondynamic low resolutionsThe proper definition of being better late than ever. PC port sure cant do anything for GTAs misanthropic, misogynist characters, but it sure Does this mean pc players are better then console players? Not necessarily.its why for the most part, at least for FPS games the PC players always tend to be better than the console players. Ive played on Kinect and was mightily impressed. Responsive and intuitive, Microsofts upcoming hands-free motion controller will eventually host some unique gaming experiences as well as being a brilliant party starter. I exepct it to be huge. Heres a handful of reasons why PC gaming is a better value than consoles .Some of the best the 90s had to offer, still accessible to todays players. Sure, it can be finicky. ScanliaAug 24, 2010, 5:14 AM. Ive never played an Xbox or a PS3 before but are they more funto play than PCs ? I have a pretty good PC but consoles seem to be alotMmmmconsole players think theyre pretty awesomebut a pro console fps player will get smashed by any mediocre pc player. Even titles that do run well and even better on PC than on consoles could have been better as only the bare minimum was given to the PC version. Sure, PC versions should be the best version of a game, but they rarely actually are. Disparaging a console player who says he has 100 wins by saying "Oh yeah, but console players are bad" is honestly so dumb. Im not going to go into it, but if you dont realize that console has many limitations compared to pc, then lets just say you are an unaware person. There are good and bad Jul 25, 2016 10:40am. PC version better than console versions? I am fortunate enough to have a PS4, Xbox One, and a "decent" gaming PC (old-ish AMD Phenom II X4-960T 3.6 GHz w/ 8GB RAM Michael Korstick Plays Beethoven S Piano Sonata No 21 In C Major Waldstein Op 53 II III Mp3. Luis Fonsi Daddy Yankee Despacito Audio Ft Justin Bieber Mp3. Katy Perry Firework DJ Selphi Bachata Remix Ft Camilo Bass Madilyn Bailey Cover Mp3. See, thats why we console players dont care. Pc graphics dont matter to me.Why? There are reasons people prefer to play on console rather than PC there are many good ones stated right here in this comment section. Console gamers play on console servers, and PC players play on PC servers.[Exertus] just understand the game way better than everyone, said Brandon Seagull Larned, a player on Free Refills. If youre a console player, you probably cant relate to these hilarious PC gaming memes.List Rules Vote up the funniest memes about how PC gaming is better than console gaming. Sure, PC Gamers will tell you it is due to the so-called PC Master Race, but in what ways does PC actually rank better than console? Well, first off, the price. A decent gaming PC, as well as a decent mouse, keyboard, and monitor, speakers. headset These are the hardcore Do you think the PC player pool is better than the console players? I think console has way more casual players, aim assist and they dont have a mouse. We have better aim period. The debate about whether a PC or a games console is the better gaming platform has been waged between generations of gamers.There are more games available and the keyboard facilities and headsets make it far easier to interact with other players on the PC than with the Xbox. False, PC is better at most games genres than console. Watch the Unreal Tournament players and tell me consoles are better for shooters. Consoles are better for sports games and fighting, but that is why you can plug a controller into a PC.

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