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Перейдем к билдам. Для воина есть множество разных и эффективных билдов. Im last to leave, but the first to go Top PvE-raid Tank. 38 Осквернитель/16 Полководец/ 12 паладин или же Вариант номер 2. Патч 1.6 сделал Осквернителя основой для танковых билдов. Although as a tank it does not help you that much. It does give your healer a decent buffer when the party takes a bit of AOE damage.Remember this is a work in progress and will be updated as we learn more, the game changes, etc. by Caziz. Rift Warrior Tanking. Download Rift Warrior Tanking Build Ultimate Rift Warrior Build For Tanking Fo PC Wii U PS4 PS3 Xbox One Xbox 360 With Full List Command And Cheat Files if Needed AND DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO. Rift Warrior Tank Guide [3.0]. Share to Facebook Subscribe Report this video by Ninon Sand 3 years ago 5,530. Download to mp3.Rift 2.8 - 61 Paladin Warrior Tanking Guide. The Gamers Emporium 3 years ago. 2.1 Tanking has not changed too drastically in terms of playstyle, but the specs are different check them out here.Opinion mmogames.com. 60. RIFT Prepares for the Celestial Storm.

Welcome to the Ultimate Rift Warrior Guide, in this Rift Leveling guide we will cover the basics of the warrior class. Including popular builds for the class, souls available, and more!2.1 Warrior Souls List 2.2 Melee DPS 2.3 The Tank. 3.0 Popular Builds and Tactics. Rift - Paragon Warrior PvP - One-Shotting Healers.Rift Warrior Tank Guide [3.

0]. Video duration : 15:31. Video uploaded by : Ninon Sand. Any BiS Gear Lists for Warrior Tanks and DPS??. I found that spreadsheet, but its all leather gear i go into rift irc channles on difefrent. Warrior Equipable Tanking Spreadsheet - RIFT Forums Ok, here is what I have so far: Tanking Spread Sheet. Rift. Star Wars: The Old Republic. Rift Warrior Tank Build Witch Hunter. Posted on April 26, 2011 Written by Lord Rcane Leave a Comment. На этой странице представлена онлайн видеозапись Rift 3.2 - [Updated] 61 Voidknight Warrior Tank Guide в отличном качестве.Rift Tanking Basics. 14:55. Warrior Void Knight Tanking Deepstrike Mines. 17:48. [ RIFT 3.6] Rogue - 61 Riftstalker Tank Guide. Rift Warrior Tank Guide [3.0]. Ninon Sand. LoadingWarrior Void Knight Tanking Deepstrike Mines - Duration: 17:48. EpicBaconFlips 144 views. As a note, its optimal on multi-tank fghts to run one tank with Soul Regeneration as their level 62 mastery (or w/e their class equivalent is), and then another with Protective Aura.Rift Reversal. Reflects the next 3 spells. Warrior Guides RIFT Forums. New player looking for tank suggestion. Started by TexansFan , 10272017 09:18 AM.[RIFT 3.6] Warrior 61 Void Knight Tank Guide YouTube. VERIFIED CURRENT FOR 3.6An intermediate guide to playing 61 VoidKnight! Download Rift Warrior Tempest Build sheet music 4.51 MB, download and play Rift Warrior Tempest Build at Sheet Music Plus.Rift Warrior Tank Guide [3.0]. Duration: 15:31 Size: 21.31 MB. Hotel 2017 - Rift Warrior Tank Build, Warrior builds | dragon inquisition, This is a standard, all-around safe two-handed early game (level 1-12) warrior build for nightmare difficulty. although it may seem strange to pick up so many skills Rift Warrior Tank Guide [3.0]. Search Gameplay Videos: Podobne filmy. 8:33 Rift Power Leveling 1 to 65.22:55 [RIFT 3.6] Warrior - 61 Void Knight Tank Guide. 2:04 Rift Classes Warrior Build Guide Video. As of 3.0 hotfix 6, VK is now the spec of choice for Warrior tanks in almost every situation.Rift Shield - This CD is now amazing, 25 (with 5 pacts) of your HP as a shield on any target (OGCD). Devouring Shield - Fairly weak shield, but useful to just pop if you need a quick 10k shield. [RIFT] 3.0 Warrior - 61 Reaver Guide PVP/PVE - Warrior Ranged DPS.Rift 3.0 - 61 Chloromancer Updated Tank Healing Guide. VL Macro show Void Life suppressmacrofailures stopcasting Vile Spores cast Void Life NT Macro show Natures Touch suppressmacrofailures stopcasting : Rift Warrior Tank Guide 3 0. Durasi. : 22:55.Bajheera RIFT 4 0 STARFALL PROPHECY Warrior PvP Build Gameplay. Rift Warrior - Warrior gameplay! Rift Raid - Tideweaver Arkryon (Hunger of the Deep) - Warrior Tank PoV - Towelliee TGN. 19,06. Rift Tanking Basics. F. Rift Warrior Tank Guide [3.0]. F. RIFT: Void Knight tank solo play (5 stage rift solo). F. Rift - Paragon Warrior PvP - One-Shotting Healers. F. [ Rift] No More Shields! Rift 3 0 Warrior 61 Reaver.Rift Gameplay Tank. Source Abuse Report. Rift Warrior Tanking Paladin. Currently (3.7 Nightmare Tide), the best warrior tank build is Void Knight due to the sheer amount of mitigation it has. Id recommend looking at some guides. The most common build you will see is 61 Void Knight 15 Paladin 0 Tempest / 0 Warlord. Happy Rifting! Hello, Im selling my 50 Elf Warrior on the shard Sparkwing (EU). rift warrior tanking tank guide 3.0 void knight voidknight vk.Rift 3.2 - [Updated] 61 Voidknight Warrior Tank Guide. Rift Tanking Basics. Rift Power Leveling 1 to 65. Sep 13, 2013 Warrior - Rift: Warriors in Rift are much like they are in other games either they beat things to death, or they let things beat on them so their friendsMar 18, 2015 Rift Warrior Tank Guide [3.0] Ninon Sand. Rift Warrior PvP in the Rift Warfront Black Garden (16-1). [RIFT] Nightmare Tide - Gearing up at level 65 - How to quickly get 800 hit for experts. [ RIFT] 3.0 Warrior - 61 Reaver Guide PVP/PVE - Warrior Ranged DPS. Смотреть видео Rift Warrior Tank Guide [3.0] онлайн, скачать на мобильный. 5, 478.Добавлено: 6 год. riftsupremacymaster 6 год. Rift 2.8 - 61 Paladin Warrior Tanking Guide. Welcome to my rogue tanking video for Rift 3.0. The main spec is Riftstalker. This can be used for raiding, dungeons and other general tanking things.WoW Warrior Tanking Guide (6.0.3) Добавлено: 3 год. назад. Senior design director Simon Finch revealed that the Rift 3.0 expansion will only charge for its four new classes or souls. Players will need to shell out a pretty penny for the four new Rift souls -- the Support Cleric, Healing Warrior, Tanking Mage and Healing Rouge -- which will be sold through the Rift Store. Rift Warrior Tanking Build - Ultimate Rift WaДобавлено: 6 год. mmorpggamingguides 6 год. [RIFT 3.6] Warrior - 61 Void Knight Tank Guid Сильные стороны воина в Rift. Воин изощрен в нанесении урона и защите. Несмотря на то, что некоторые другие классы могут танковать (клерики и разведчики), воин считается наиболее подходящим на роль танка из-за большого количества здоровья и талантов Posted on warrior best in slot rift as the title says anyone have a link to something so i can compare gears for warrior tanks best in slot. Find the best gear , Legendaries for your Arms Warrior in WoW Legion 7. 0 Stormblood arcanist bard base class binding coils of. guide warrior rift warrior tanking tank guide 3.0.Rift Tanking Basics. [RIFT 3.6] Warrior - 61 Void Knight Tank Guide. [ Rift 3.0] Inquisitor is OP! - Inquisitor Cleric PvP Gameplay Commentary. Rift 2.8 - 61 Paladin Warrior Tanking Guide. Macros: Pally Spam: show Lights Decree suppressmacrofailures cast Sweeping Strike cast Lights Decree cast Lights Reprisal cast Lights Vengeance cast Добавил: GrimGaming Rift. [RIFT 3.6] Warrior - 61 Void Knight Tank GuidДобавлено: 3 год.

Добавил: The Gamers Emporium. Rift Warrior Tanking Build - Ultimate Rift Wa Теперь давайте рассмотрим то, что больше всего привлекает игроков, изюминку игры — игровые классы RIFT 3.0. На первый взгляд при создании персонажа их всего четыре: маг, разбойник, воин и клерик. Но на самом деле это совсем не так. Tanking: Currently Void Knight is the go-to spec for tanking with its extra utility and cooldowns, however Paladin has slightly higher raw mitigation and a very strong raid cooldown (Lifes Rapture). http Rift tank guide warrior. -Build- -Macros- ST show reckless strike suppressmacrofailures cast reckless strike cast retaliation MT show Tempest suppressmacrofailures cast Tempest cast Void Storm cast Ragestorm -Disclaimer- No copyright infringement intended. See tgn.tv — Here is my Spec and macros for my Raiding Spec and Off spec Raid Soul Main Spec rift.zam.com Raid Soul Off Spec (Magical Damage Encounters) rift.zam.com MACROS : TPS Macro show cast Retaliation cast Disarming Counterblow cast Aggressive Block cast Rift Warrior Tanking. If your reading this guide you are of a warrior calling and have at least scrolled through the skill trees to read what abilities do. This guide is the basics of individual spec and individual play. Rift Warrior Warlord In Depth Guide Rift Warrior Mighty Paragon Build Guide Rift Warrior Hybrid Tank/DPS Build Rift Warrior Perfect Solo Build Guide Rift 51MM 15Rng Guide Rift Raiding Inquisitor Guide Rift Cleric Healing Build Compendium Rift How Damage Works Math Guide Rift STR vs DEX Неплохой Rift билд для PVE воина танка. Больше подходит для экспертных подземелий, нежели для рейдов.Black Desert. World of Tanks. RIFT: Warrior - Warlion 1.0. Просмотров: 3, 686 | Загружено: 4 год. Seatin Man of Legends.Добавил: Seatin Man of Legends. Rift Tanking Basics. -Build- http://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree4kGGGGllllkg/98h0/V -Macros- ST show reckless strike suppressmacrofailures cast reckless strike cast retaliation MT show Tempest suppressmacrofailures cast Tempest cast Void Storm cast Ragestorm -Disclaimer- No copyright infringement intended. Гайды по классам и их механикам в игре RIFT. Достижения [4]. Описание достижений и способов их получения.Рифт 3.0 - Мастерство. Способности Воина. Воин. Уровень 61. Enduring Survival. Rift Warrior Tank Guide uses primarily the Paladin soul as he absorbs most attacks with little damage.But before we go into a more detailed discussion of Rift Warrior Tank options, perhaps its necessary to take stock of the real demands impressed upon a tank. Rift 3.2 [Updated] 61 Voidknight Warrior Tank Guide YouTube. Macros: ST Builder: show Reckless Strike suppressmacrofailures castRetaliation cast This is a solid Rift Warrior Tanking buildfocusing on What is the best Rift Warrior Tank build? | Rift Warrior Tanking Build - Ultimate Rift Warrior Build For Tanking! Bajheera - RIFT 2.7 Level 60 Warlord Warrior PvP Build - Talents Macros. Clash of clans - 3 Star with Lava hound Barch lvl 7. 2.3 Warrior Tank Guide - RIFT Forums. Rift Warrior Tank Build Guide. 22-7-2011 Tanking is one of the most important functions in the Rift game.

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